Environmental Policy


We see it as a valuable treasure in the environment utilized in the future protection of the whole world believe that the best way to benefit humanity.
Therefore, policy;

• Meet the requirements of legal regulations.
• Work to continuously improve the environmental management system.
• Minimize waste, prevent pollution at the source and reduce the negative impacts on the environment.
• To protect the environment, and all of this principle in our environment, country and the world to spread.
• İdentify risks related to the environment and reduce them for emergencies.
• All employees and contractors, giving them training to develop awareness about the environment.

ATESSONMEZ CHEMISTRY, operations and products to determine environmental factors, and these factors define the relevant aims, objectives and programs to create the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is committed to establish and operate. This is an important environmental etkenleriyle the main goals and objectives related to:

• Air and water pollution, leaks and spills and reduce noise and prevent as much as possible.
• Packaging consumption and reduce waste, ensure that recycled and re-use.
• Develop methods to conserve natural resources such as energy and water.