ATEŞSONMEZ CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, located in the 3rd.Organized Industrial Area, Baspinar, Gaziantep,Turkey, has been producing  various types of soaps including beauty, toilet soap, bath and laundry as well as liquid soaps, dish washing detergents, air fresheners, bleach and the glass cleaners since 1998.

Atessonmez Chemical Industry has a covered area of 5,000 sq. meters of production space situated in  23,500 sq. meters uncovered facilities. In addition, it has  5500 liter tons of storage of raw material tanks.

Since the establishment of company; our products and services resemble high quality and reasonable  prices which enables us to maintain  competitive advantage in the global markets.Our company policy is continuously improving  with the aim of expanding the nature and environmental awareness to market by utilizing advanced laboratory experiments and  the results are presented to the consumers.

Our company is equipped with the cutting-edge/ state-of-the art,  advanced technology to a degree which is supported by well-qualified units such as technical services and employees. We combine these two important factors in the framework of  global business  by implementing the professional business world trade understanding.

Production Capacity: Daily 

Noodle Soap:120.000 Kg / Day
Toilet Soap:80.000 Kg/Day
Liquid Soap:25.000 Kg/Day